Tuesday, 15 May 2012

This Month's Random Discoveries

I loved Avicii's Levels when it first came out, which is just as well because it was one of those songs that there was no escape from: it was just being played everywhere. Just as the hype has officially died down, I've come across a reversed version of the song which isn't too bad at all! It's amazing what we can do with music these days. I came across this man while watching some dubstep videos on Youtube and I have to say this is impressive. I think the violin is a beautiful instrument anyway, but what he does with it is pretty incredible and quite a difficult thing to do. Check out this amazing talent! This dude's moves were introduced to me by a good friend of mine who forced me to sit down and watch these videos from start to finish. As reluctant as I was at first, there is something captivating about his dancing and also the music he dances to is really good! He goes by the name of Nonstop and this is supposedly unedited and completely real, which is pretty amazing. If you haven't seen this already you MUST WATCH! Hope you enjoyed!