Sunday, 10 June 2012

Top 15 Sexiest Slow Jams!

This world has been graced with the sound of some beautiful slow jams over the years- everyone has at least ONE slow jam that they love no matter what they say or how much they try to deny it- "I don't listen to slow jams bruv"- yeah whatever boys! And yes guys have actually said this to me before. Let's face it- as long as people are falling in love and/or having sex, slow jams are here to stay, and I'm not complaining. What's not to love?! They represent passion, emotion and they are fun to sing along to! Here is a countdown of my top 15 slow jams, and damn it was hard to choose just 15 (it was originally meant to be top 10)!

In no particular order...

Usher- Nice and Slow
He's come up with a fair few slow jams but this is definitely one of the classics

Omarion- O

Marques Houston- Clubbin
Everyone loves this song. Fact.

Joe - I Wanna Know
Joe is definitely a slow jams king

Drake- Brand New
My favorite person ever

Usher- There goes my baby
More recent but he's still got it

Drake- Houstalantavegas
Aww I miss Drake's music like this

Chris Brown- No Bullshit
I love Breezy

Donnell Jones- Shorty Got Her Eye On Me
Mr Jones has many many more slow jams up to this very high standard...check him out

Houston- Aint Nothing Wrong
Whatever happened to this guy??

Lloyd- Lay It Down
He always gets it right!

Mario- You Should Let Me Love You
Its Unanimous..this is a T.U.N.E. There was a debate going on saying it was actually written by Ne-Yo not Mario, and it does kinda have that Ne-Yoish vibe now that I think about it but who cares really!

J Holiday- Bed
One of two

J Holiday- Suffocate

Hope you enjoyed this little countdown! I could have gone on forever! xxx