Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Dappy's Controversial Tarzan 2 Sparks Twitter Fued

So yesterday saw Dappy drop Tarzan Part 2 and it certainly did not go unnoticed.

The ever opinionated MC gave us his very interesting opinions on the music industry and everyone in it, from Choice FM DJs Max (he wants to smash her from the back) and Sarah Jane Crawford (he thinks she should give him head) to Simon Cowell (he calls out previous unsuccessful X Factor winners) and Alexandra Burke (her career is getting raped by a mason (LOL) ).

Choice FM's Max responded to Dappy's comments about her via twitter, stating she was 'very disappointed' in the rapper and regarded speaking about women in that way as 'inexcusable' (

Her mention of Dappy being a father left his girlfriend Kaye unimpressed, and she responded to Max's tweet, asking her not to speak about their kids and telling her to 'enjoy the buzz around her name while it lasts and calm down' (LOL). Dappy also responded, saying 'do ur job and ill do mine. ive always looked at u as a big sis, youve supported me frm day dot..dnt knw y ur so mad. BANTER'

There was no further responses from Max. I wonder if anyone else targeted in the song will speak out?

Either way, I'm loving Tarzan 2 and Dappy. I think he always keeps it real and I admire his determination to never be changed by fame and fortune. He isn't afraid to speak his mind, and whether or not people agree with him is not an issue which is quite a respectable quality to have. Tarzan 2 is a banger, watch the equally controversial video here!

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